2022 International Conference on Geographic Information and Remote Sensing Technology(GIRST 2022)
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The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

I. Geographic Information | 地理信息

Geo-geological   Information地理地质信息化
The Development and Application of Geographic Information   Technology in Geographical Environment/geology/rock and Soil, Mineral and   Energy Resources地理信息技术在地理环境/地质学/岩土、矿产和能源资源上的开发和应用
Geohazards & Earthquake engineering地球探测与信息技术
Remote Sensing Interpretation of Geological   Structure/Tectonic Evolution地质结构/构造演化遥感解译
Earth Detection and Information   Technology地质灾害预测、评估、控制
Geohazards & Earthquake engineering地球探测与信息技术
Geographic Information System地理信息系统(GIS)
Global Navigation Satellite System全球导航卫星系统(GNSS)
Satellite Navigation and Positioning卫星导航和定位

II. Surveying & Mapping | 测量与测绘

Surveying  and Mapping测绘学
Marine Mapping海洋测绘
Geodetic Survey大地测量 
Hydrological Survey水文测量
Mine Survey矿山测量
Engineering Survey工程测量
Gravity Measurement重力测量
Aerial Photogrammetry航空摄影测量
City Brains, Smart Oceans and Digital Earth城市大脑、智慧海洋与数字地球
Computer Graphics计算机图形学
Precision Instrument Manufacturing精密仪器制造
Graphic Image Copy Technology图形图象复制技术
Sensor Technology传感器技术
Mapping Technology测绘技术
Surveying and Mapping Instruments测绘仪器
Archeological Mapping考古测绘

III. Remote Sensing Technology | 遥感

Theories,   Techniques and Methods related to Surveying, Mapping, Navigation and Oblique   Photography测绘、导航与倾斜摄影等相关的理论、技术与方法
Remote Sensing遥感(RS)
Optical Remote Sensing光学遥感
Microwave Remote Sensing微波遥感
Remote Sensing Of Atmospheric Environment大气环境遥感
Planetary Remote Sensing and Mapping行星遥感与测图
Cryosphere and Hydrosphere冰冻圈与水圈
Geographic Information Science地理信息科学
Remote Sensing Information Engineering遥感信息工程
Spatial Database空间数据库
Earth Monitoring and Mapping地球监测与制图
Space Technology and Landscape空间技术与景观
Classification and Data Mining Techniques分类和数据挖掘技术
Image Processing Technology图像处理技术
Hyperspectral Image Processing高光谱影像处理
Remote Sensing Data Fusion遥感数据融合
Remote Sensing Data Quality遥感数据质量
Analysis Of Remote Sensing Models遥感模式分析